Hire Rates for 2024

View our 2024 prices below, we have a great range and plenty for everyone. Our gear is well serviced and always at the best standard. If you are still unsure of what you need, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. And if you’re ready and want a 20% discount, head on over to the online booking page and save 20% by using the code ONLINE20.

Ski Hire Rates

DAYS1234567Extra Day
Carve Skis, Boots and Poles55809510511512513510
Carve Skis and Poles5075859510511512510
Intermediate Skis, Boots and Poles709511512513014015010
Intermediate Skis and Poles659011012012513514510
Performance Skis, Boots and Poles8511013014015016017010
Performance Skis and Poles8010012013014015016010
Ski Boots Only3550556065707510

Snowboard Hire Rates

DAYS1234567Extra Day
Snowboard and Boots55809510511512513510
Snowboard Only5075859510511512510
Performance Snowboard and Boots8511013014015016017010
Performance Snowboard Only8010012013014015016010
Snowboard Boots Only3550556065707510

Clothes Hire Rates

DAYS1234567Extra Day
Ski Pants OR Jacket304045505560655
Ski Pants AND Jacket4560707580859010
Walk Boots152025303540455

Snow Chains Hire Rates

DAYS1234567Extra Day

Toboggan Hire Rates

DAYS1234567Extra Day
Toboggan - Regular101520253035405
Toboggan - Large202530354045505

Accessories Hire Rates

DAYS1234567Extra Day
Yowie Hiking Snowshoes3550556065707510
Roof Racks203035404550555

Kids Equipment Hire Rates

Days1234567Extra Day
Skis, Boots and Poles40506070809010010
Skis Only (with or without Poles)3545556575859510
Boots Only203035404550555
Snowboard and Boots40506070809010010
Ski Pants OR Jacket202530354045505
Ski Pants AND Jacket (Incl. 1-Piece Suit)3040455060657510
Walk Boots152025303540455

– Kids Equipment based on size of child not age.
– Kids must be LESS than 155cm tall and UNDER 50kg otherwise adult sized equipment will be required.
– Kids Clothing is up to size 14.

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